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Clockwork Performance Training

Founded by Kane Brdafield

Meet Kane Bradfield, the driving force behind Clockwork Performance Training – where fitness goals turn into reality. With a rich background as a professional arena football player, Kane brings a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to the world of fitness training.

His journey in sports has not only shaped his physical abilities but also honed his skills in coaching and mentoring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Kane’s approach to training is more than just about building strength and endurance; it's about cultivating discipline, resilience, and the mindset needed to succeed in both fitness and life.

At Clockwork Performance Training, Kane combines years of athletic experience with innovative training techniques to offer a range of programs suited for individuals at all fitness levels. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced athlete, Kane’s personalized training methods are designed to challenge, inspire, and achieve results.

Under Kane's guidance, Clockwork Performance Training has become a hub for those seeking to elevate their fitness journey. Join us and experience a training environment where every workout is a step towards your best self.

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Our Story

Clockwork Performance Training began as the brainchild of Kane Bradfield, a former professional arena football player with a deep-rooted passion for fitness and athletic excellence. Our journey started with a simple yet powerful vision: to create a training space where individuals could not only achieve their fitness goals but also discover their true athletic potential.

Driven by Kane's extensive experience in competitive sports and his commitment to holistic training methodologies, Clockwork Performance Training quickly evolved from a dream into a thriving fitness community. Our ethos centers around personalized attention, innovative training techniques, and fostering a supportive environment that motivates and challenges our clients.

From beginners taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle to seasoned athletes seeking to elevate their performance, we've developed programs that cater to every fitness level. At Clockwork Performance Training, we believe in the transformative power of fitness – it’s not just about physical strength, but about building confidence, resilience, and a sense of achievement.

Our story is not just about our growth as a fitness center; it's about the journeys of our clients and the positive impact we’ve had on their lives. We are more than a gym; we are a community where every member is a part of the Clockwork family, striving together towards a healthier, stronger future.

The Dungeon Family

At Clockwork Performance Training, our team is the heartbeat of our fitness community. Comprised of experienced trainers, each with their unique specialties and a shared passion for health and wellness, our team is dedicated to guiding you on your fitness journey.

From specialized athletic coaches to certified fitness experts, our diverse group brings a wealth of knowledge, innovative techniques, and motivational energy to every session. They’re not just trainers; they’re mentors, cheerleaders, and accountability partners who are deeply invested in your success.

Get to know the faces behind our programs — individuals who are committed to creating a supportive, dynamic, and empowering environment where every goal is within reach and every achievement is celebrated.


Coach Marc Malone

A Journey from Multi-Sport Athlete to Performance Specialist

Youth Fitness and Pro Athletic Development

Marc's athletic journey, starting in Hinesville, Georgia, and spanning from LaGrange High School multi-sport activities to club Rugby at Auburn University and the University of Georgia, laid the foundation for his future in sports coaching. After a stint in the mechanical industry, he shifted his focus to nurturing young talent in soccer at Troup County Parks and Recreation and AFC Lightning soccer club, backed by a US Soccer Grassroots License.

Transitioning into performance training, Marc earned his PES certification and joined Clockwork Performance as an intern, quickly rising to a full-time performance specialist and personal trainer. Over six years, his expertise and passion have significantly impacted the athletic development of many individuals. Committed to promoting fitness and wellness in his community, Marc’s coaching goes beyond the field, inspiring a holistic approach to physical activity and health.


Coach Daniel Heard

Guiding Youth Through Basketball Mastery

Basketball Development

Daniel Heard, a Callaway High School basketball alumnus, brings three years of varsity experience and a wealth of knowledge from his time at Columbus State University to Clockwork Performance Training. With two years of dedication to recreational basketball coaching and a year of AAU coaching experience, Coach Heard is deeply committed to teaching basketball the right way. His main goal is not just to coach but to mentor, instilling in the youth the true essence of the game and the value of sportsmanship. Daniel's passion for basketball is matched only by his desire to enrich the lives of young athletes, guiding them to not only excel in sports but to learn lessons that extend beyond the court.

The Mission

At Clockwork Performance Training, our mission is to unlock the full potential of every individual, regardless of their athletic background.


We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality training programs that focus on strength, agility, and resilience. 


Elevate Your Game, Transform Your Performance

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